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Give me Twitter or give me death

March 28th, 2009


Ian Brown has an insightful  take on Twitter in the Globe and Mail


Randomness is the hooligan we all fear. Unmerited suffering, the premature death of loved ones, physical disaster - these are the sources of what Julian Huxley, the famous evolutionary biologist, called “injustice at the hands of the cosmos.” That cosmic injustice “represents the persistence of chance and its amorality in human life.”

So - I thought - what’s the standard answer to the awful fact that none of us knows how or when we’ll die?

Carpe diem. Live for today, in the moment, while you can: This is it, it’s not a rehearsal, today is the first day, etc.

And what is Twitter? Twitter is a communications technology, a form of mass instant messaging, that specializes in recording the details of life in the moment.


Is Twitter the new public square or a Tower of Babble? Full story here.


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